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The Safety And Protection Work Of Machining Is Very Important
Jul 24, 2018

(1) Before work to carefully check the various parts of the shearing machine is not normal, electrical equipment is not intact, safety protection equipment is not reliable, lubrication system is not dredge, and then add lubricating oil, commissioning, test-cut, can be used. More than two people working together, it is necessary to determine a person unified command, check the table and the surrounding barrier-free, before starting machine tool cutting.

(2) Shearing machine is not allowed to cut together two different specifications, not the same raw material sheet. No material shearing, shearing of the plate needs surface formation, not shear can not squeeze the narrower sheet.

(3) The operation of shearing machine to meet the energy, feeding the fingers should be separated from the edge of 200mm, and to disengage from the compression equipment. Feeding, material to prevent plate scratches, to prevent the shear plate wounding. The foot switch should be fitted with a consolidated protective cover to prevent the weight from falling off on the foot switch or by mistake. No refueling or adjustment of machine tools when driving.

(4) All kinds of shearing board confidential according to the rules of the thickness of the shear plate, appropriate adjustment of the blade gap, to prevent improper use of incidents.

(5) Shearing machine brakes should be often checked to ensure reliable, to prevent the brakes from loosening, to prevent the knife on the edge of Russia and then hurt people.

(6) The sheet material and cut the edge of the bar sharp, and sometimes burr, should prevent scratching.

(7) In the operation of the process, the use of safe hand to use things to end feeding, positioning, taking pieces and finishing scraps and other operations, can prevent the fingers by the mold rolling injury.

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