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Development Prospect Of Die Castings
Jul 24, 2018

China's economy has maintained a rapid development momentum. As the contradiction between resources and environment intensifies, the circular economy and clean production have become the important national policy of sustainable development of social economy according to the requirement of scientific development view.

Experts pointed out that the die-casting category, including low pressure casting and extrusion casting and other non-ferrous metal casting process, the total output of about 1.5 million tons. It is understood that the total output of the country reached 7.28 million vehicles, an increase of 27.6%, of which 3.87 million car production, the year-on-year growth of 39.7%. 2012, the national total production of die-casting 1024000 tons, of which: aluminum die castings 802140 tons, magnesium die-casting 13620 tons. 2012 1-October, the national car output of 3.8501 million vehicles, an increase of 23.4%, 3.6001 million vehicles, the year-on-year growth of 22%. The die-casting market will remain fast growing. Die-casting non-ferrous Metal resources can be recycled and die-less cutting process of advanced, especially to meet the requirements of recycling economy and clean production, in line with the general policy of national economic development. Automotive lightweight, more accelerated the aluminum magnesium die-casting market development; The international non-ferrous Metal die-casting Production center of gravity to China has become an inevitable trend, die-casting market development space is huge.

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