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Code For Design Of Die Castings
Jul 24, 2018

Die casting design must take into account the pressure casting wall thickness, casting fillet and demoulding inclination of die castings, reinforcing ribs, the minimum distance of casting holes and holes to the edge of die castings, the rectangular holes and grooves on the die castings, the inserts in the die castings and the processing allowances of the die castings are seven aspects.

Code for design of casting round angle Usually the parts of die casting should have rounded corners (except for the fractal surface), so that the flow of metal filling is smooth, the gas is easier to discharge, and can avoid crack due to acute angle. For the need for electroplating and finishing of the die castings, rounded corners can be evenly coated to prevent the sharp corner of the coating accumulation.

Die Casting fillet radius r generally not less than 1mm, the minimum fillet radius of 0.5 mm.

Code for design of inserts in die castings First of all, die castings on the number of inserts should not be too much; secondly, the connection between the insert and die casting must be strong, at the same time requires slotting, convex, rolling flowers on the inserts; again, the inserts must avoid sharp corners to facilitate the placement and prevention of casting stress concentration, castings and inserts, if there is a serious electrochemical corrosion, the surface of the inserts need coating protection Finally, the castings with inserts should avoid heat treatment, so as to avoid the change of volume due to the phase transition of the two metals, and to loosen the inserts.

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