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double punch die-casting
Nov 05, 2018

In 1838, die - casting equipment was invented to make moulds for movable type printing. The first patent related to die casting was issued in 1849. It was a small manual machine used to produce the type of printing press. When Otto Mergenthaler invented the Linotype typesetter in 1885, which could press a line of text into a single type, it revolutionized the printing world like never before. After the printing industry entered the large-scale industrialization, the traditional manual pressure has been replaced by die-casting. Around 1900, the introduction of typesetting into the market further improved the printing industry's automation technology, so sometimes more than a dozen die-casting machines could be seen in the newspaper office. As consumer products grew, otto's invention gained more and more applications. Die-casting can be used to mass produce parts. In 1966, general dynamics developed the precision pressure die-casting process, sometimes called double punch die-casting.

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