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high pressure die casting
Nov 05, 2018

Traditional die casting process mainly consists of four steps, or high pressure die casting. These four steps include mold preparation, filling, injection and sand removal, which form the basis of various improved die casting processes. A lubricant is sprayed into the mold cavity during preparation. The lubricant helps control the mold temperature as well as the casting unmold. The mold can then be closed and the molten metal injected at high pressure, with a pressure range of about 10 to 175 mpa. When the molten metal is filled, the pressure remains until the casting solidifies. The push rod then rolls out all the castings, and since there may be multiple cavities within a mold, multiple castings may be produced during each casting process. The process of sand removal requires the separation of debris, including mold opening, runner, gate and flying edge. This process is usually done by extrusion of the casting by a special finishing die. Other sanding methods include sawing and grinding. If the gate is relatively fragile, you can directly break the casting, which can save manpower. The excess mold opening can be reused after melting. The usual production is about 67 percent.

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