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Considerations for using Casting wax
Jul 24, 2018

For the user to better use the wax material, we have the following suggestions:

A. Related mobility:

1. Increase the wax injection pressure can eliminate the wax surface ripple and streamline.

2. Bubble problems may occur when the wax is fired or when the wax is transported to the wax mold when the flow rate is too fast to produce turbulence and bubbles, this phenomenon can be reduced by reducing the speed of transmission and increase the diameter of the wax shooting solution. B

The linear shrinkage rate is often dependent on the temperature and pressure of the wax, intermittent and mold temperature, thus reducing the linear shrinkage:

  1. Increase the pressure of wax injection.2.

  2. Confirm that the mold is up to the required temperature.

  3. Increase the cycle time of shooting wax.

  4. Increase the diameter of the die-shooting wax mouth.

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